With the establisment of a branch for teaching Agriculture at the College of Science Poona in 1879 and subsequently the College of Agriculture, Poona in 1907, the teaching and research staff attempted to educate the farmers in improved farming methods. Subsequenlty the major reposibility of transfer of farm technology rested with the Personnel of Department of Agriculture. Even then, the staff of Agricultural Education Institutes continued to organize farmers' rallies, exhibitions, demonstrations and lectures to introduce new technologies in agriculture to the farmers. The massive programme of community development was launched in 1952 and the major work of transfer of agricultural technology was assigned to the agricultural staff with the Community Development Blocks. Simulteniously the agricultural educational institutes shouldered the responsibility of training the extension staff both in agricultural technology and methods and techniques of transfer of technology. The Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth was established in 1969 and the teaching, research and extension staff continued to carry out the function of tranfer of technology through College extension blocks and by organising trainings for extension workers and farmers, organizing farmers rallies, exhibitions, demonstrations, publications, articles in newspapers, radio and by T.V. talks.

The Director of Extension Education at the Agricultural University has been assigned to carry out extension education function since its inception in the year 1981. The Directorate of Extension Education has to plan, organize and evaluate the extension education programme for all the districts in the jurisdiction. Similarly the Directorate has to maintain liasion with the State Goverment, its development departments, particularly the extension arm of Department of Agriculture and Non-Government Organizations engaged in the extension programmes.

In view of the increased tasks and responsibilities of extension education and to have better effective functioing of the Directorate, the present operational and functional system of the Directorate of Extension Education needs to be re-organised and strengthened to meeth the challenges of the decades to come.


The Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth has been established to carry out the teaching, research and extension funtions. Of the three-fold funtions, it is mandatory on the part of University to take transfer of technolgy from the research centres to the ultimate users through extension education programme.

  • To organize district farmers' melawas, establishment of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, participation in the Training and Visist System and participation in such other activities ot help and suppot the agrucultural development programmes
  • To ensure close co-operation and co-ordinaton of the extension education activities of the University on one hand and those of the concerning deparment of the State Goverment, Zilla Parishads, Cooperatives, Government udertakings and NGOs, on the other.
  • To initiate and organize in consultation with Zilla Parishads, concerned officers of the State Government, Director of Instruction and Director of Research, Seminars, Training classes, camps of the farmers and officers of the Zilla Parishads, Training and Visit Schemes and of other agencies, with following objectives.
  1. To communicate research findings to the farmers
  2. To help the village leaders to develop qualities of leadership
  3. To train the officers of the Training and Visit Scheme, Zilla parishads and other agencies to equip them with proper and relevant knowledge for the discharge of their duties.

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