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Mahatma Phule Krishi  Vidyapeeth, Rahuri extends over the Western Maharashtra comprising of 10 districts divided into four agro climatic zones viz., Western Ghat Zone, Sub-montane Zone, Plain zone and Scarcity zone extended from Solapur  to Nandurbar.  In addition, Jalgaon district with assured rainfall which falls in Central Plateau Zone in the jurisdiction of the university. 

For conducting the research on soil, climate, cropping system, livestock and other aspects of farming business, the university has a network of research stations spread in different agro climatic zones.  In all, 27 research stations are located in 4 agro climatic zones. The State level Crop Specialists are placed at Jalgaon (Oilseeds), Padegaon (Sugarcane), Niphad (Wheat) and Solapur (Soils).  In addition to this, 4 Zonal Research Stations are located at Igatpuri, Pune, Kolhapur and Solapur.  There are 18 Sub-Research Stations where mainly verification of research work is being done to test the technologies developed by the university as well as to takeup the research programmes based on feedbacks received from the farmers. 

            Taking into consideration the availability of land, weather conditions and resources, the university has concentrated its efforts to develop suitable technologies for dryland agriculture, irrigated farming as well as for hi-tech agriculture.  During the last 46 years, the university has released quite good number of high yielding varieties (more than 237) of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, sugarcane, fruits, flowers and other cash crops. The appropriate agro techniques for enhancing agricultural production and productivity of different crops have also been passed on to the farmers.  The contribution of university in water management is quite significant. The research on micro propagation, farm machinery, dryland horticulture, integrated pest and nutrient management including biofertilizers, mushroom production etc. is worth mentioning. The university has focussed its attention on location specific and need based research activities in order to cater the needs of all types of farmers and farming groups.  Biotechnology with its vast potential and challenges is important to agricultural development.  This university is developing biotechnological competence in the areas of plant tissue culture, molecular biology, biocontrol and biofertilizers.

 Last Updated Date- 16.03.2015
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