Externally Funded Projects

Sr.No. Title
1 Farmer FIRST ( RKVY Project)
2 Irrigation Water Requirement Advisory Service (IWRAS) ( RKVY Project)
3 Establishment of Lift Irrigation for Sustainable Seed Production at University Campus of MPKV, Rahuri. ( RKVY Project)
4 Bio-fortification of Sorghum
5 Collaborative research project on Sorghum Seed Production
6 Genetically enhanced micronutrient dense pearl millet grain for improved human nutrition in the Western Africa and India
7 Enhancing breeder seed production for increasing indigenous production of pulses in India.
8 Creation of seed hub for increasing indigenous production of pulses in India.
9 Delevering more produce and income to farmers through enhancing genetic gains for chickpea and pigeonpea
10 Establishment of State Level Gene Bank.
11 Evaluation of specialized pheromone and lure application technique (SPLAT) against Pink boll worm
12 Enhancing groundnut productivity and profitability for small holder farmers in Asia through vasrital techniques
13 Bamboo Research Project
14 Centre of Excellence: Nutrition
15 Establishment of DUS centre for roses at NARP, Ganeshkhind , Pune
16 Organic farming : Resesrch and Training
17 Technologies and Practices for Promoting Urban Rural Nutrient and Carbon Cycle (URNCC) and addressing Soil Salinity issues
18 In-situ residue decomposition of rice-wheat and sugarcane for enhancing crop productivity and soil health.
19 Potash fertilizer management in dry land crops of scarcity zone of Maharashtra.
20 Crop pest surveillance and advisory project in Maharashtra. (CROPSAP)
21 Promotion of large scale production of Bio-fertilizers developed by M.P.K.V Rahuri
22 National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture
23 National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture, Agro Advisories and assessment of vulnerable areas of major food crop production
24 Efficacy and commercial feasibility of ferti irrigation to some important crops.
25 Precision Farming Development Centre (PFDC)
26 Enhancing economic water productivity in irrigation canal commands
27 Climate smart Agriculture and Water Management
28 Bamboo handicraft and Art unit
29 Watershed development Project
30 Establishment of Agril. Implements/ Machinery Testing centre.
31 Center for Advanced Faculty training in Agricultural Meteorology
32 DUS Centre for Cotton, PPV & FRA New Delhi ,Cotton Improvement Project
33 Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa (GKMS)
34 Partnership-based genetic enhancement of pearl millet for high grain iron density and improved human nutrition in India
35 Forecasting Agricultural Output using Space, Agrometeorology and Land Based Observations
36 Consortia for Research Platform (CRP) in Bio-fortification in Selected Crops for Nutritional Security on Sorghum
37 Estimation of potassium requirement along with the secondary nutrients with POLY4 for sugarcane and cotton crop under pressurised irrigation in vertisols
38 Creation of seed hubs for increasing indigenous production of Oilseeds in India

Research / Research Schemes

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