Thrust Areas

• To improve production and productivity of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, cash crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers and farm animals.
• Research networking for management of abiotic stresses for development of ‘Climate Resilient Varieties’.
• To develop of suitable cultivar for intercropping, value addition, export purpose etc.
• To conserve genetic resource of crops and animals and their maintenance.
• To conserve natural resources (soil and water) and improve their efficiency for sustainable production of crops and animal produce.
• To develop cost effective and sustainable technology of integrated pest, disease and nutrient management.
• Development of protocol for organic farming.
• Development of Integrated Farming System based models on optimization and integration of resources.
• To develop technologies for minimizing post-harvest losses and production of value-added products.
• To design and develop farm implements and technology for mechanization of agriculture.
• To generate data for estimation of production and marketing cost.
• Production of quality seed of improved varieties and hybrids.


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