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Post Graduate Institute, Rahuri

The Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research (MCAER), Pune is a body which has been constituted under section 12 of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities (Krishi Vidyapeeth) act 1983. In exercise of the powers conferred upon MCAER vide provision in the proviso (g) of sub-section 3 of Section 12 of the Act, common regulations for admission to various degree programmes have been formulated.

Details of Institutions and Degree Programmes :
Candidates desirous of seeking admission to undergraduate or postgraduate degree programmes mentioned in Table.No.2 both for 30 % entire Maharashtra State seats (M quota) and 70 % university area seats (U quota), while for post-graduate programmes, the distribution is 50:50 for both "M" and "U" quota, should send only one application form to respective University.

Admission Capacity
Instruction to Candidate

    Admission Procedure

  1. As per provisions in Maharashtra Agricultural University Act No.XLI of 1983 Section (5) admission shall be open to all persons who or whose parents have resided in the sate of Maharashtra for not less than three years during the period of ten years immediately preceding the date on which admission is sought. However, for persons who and whose parents have not resided in the state atleast for three years during the period of ten years immediately preceding the date on which admission is sought, will be limited to 2%.

  2. For admission to under-graduate courses, 70% seats of the admission capacity will be filled in from amongst the students who have passed the qualifying examination from the school or the institution situated in the university area (u quota) and remaining 30% seats will be kept open for all the students (m quota).

  3. The applicant residing in state of Maharashtra, but passing qualifying examination of Under graduate courses out of Maharashtra, his candidature will be considered under 'M' quota at MCAER level.

  4. One seat at each college for undergraduate programme shall be filled in by MCAER, Pune from the wards of displaced citizens and wards of officers/staff of military and paramilitary forces all India services posted to combat terrorists activities in Jammu and Kashmir state. In view of govt. resolution No. AGU-2095/2310/CR-181/19a dated 5th September, 1996 and No. AGU-1197/28688/CR/94/97/19-a, dated 27th October 1997 over and above the intake capacity.

  5. Admission to all the degree programme shall be on merit and provisional.

  6. The out of state candidates should submit their application form to the Director General, MCAER, Pune.

  7. University/State Council shall not accept any responsibility for postal delay.

  8. Receipt of the application together with its enclosures as above, shall be acknowledged in case of those, who submit the application in person.

  9. The Registrar shall display a complete merit list of applications received on the Notice Board of the University and respective colleges as per the admission programme. The candidates in their own interest shall see the merit list on the Notice Boards. The candidate shall not be intimated about their merit by post.

  10. Applicants aggrieved by the merit list may prefer an appeal to the Registrar, incase of University area and to the Director (Education) MCAER, Pune in case of all other candidates within five days from the date of display of the aforesaid merit list with a fee of Rs.50/- If the applicant fails to appeal within five working days, his appeal shall not be considered. The appeal of the candidate will be decided by the Grievance Committee on the basis of the documents attached by the applicant with the original application form only. The decision of the Grievance Committee will be notified on the University Notice Board.

    1. The Registrar of each University shall notify the corrected merit list of candidates under information to MCAER Pune within ten days from the date of display of provisional merit list after attending to the grievances, if any.

    2. The Director (Education) MCAER, Pune will prepare and display the State level final merit list.

    3. The applicant shall see the merit list on the Notice Boards of the respective University and the college with regard to U quota of Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses and at MCAER Pune and the Colleges for M quota of Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses on the dates given in the admission programme notified in the Prospectus.

    4. The candidates should report in person on the dates notified in the Prospectus for seeking admission alongwith the fees and all the original documents enclosed with the application, else the fees will not be accepted and admission claims shall be treated as cancelled.

    1. Candidate reporting on the specified dates of admissions will be considered as per merit for filling up the vacancies.

    2. If at any time after admission, it is found that the applicant has supplied false information, the University shall cancel his admission.

  11. The candidates should see the admission programme which is provided in the prospectus for their guidance and information.

  12. Any candidate aggrieved by final admission may prefer a review petition within a period of three days from the specified dates of admission to the Vice Chancellor for University level admissions and to the Director General MCAER for State level admissions.

  13. Admission to various seats under university (u) and state(m) quota for under graduate and post graduate courses shall be final. The candidates so admitted will not be eligible for change of courses/college/university.

  14. The candidates so admitted for Under Graduate course may apply for his academic transfer within University, or out of university as per the existing provisions of academic regulations.


  1. The same aforesaid procedure shall be adopted for admission to all the Post Graduate courses of the Agricultural Universities in the State.

  2. For admission to Post graduate courses, 50% seats of the admission capacity will be filled in from amongst the students who have passed the qualifying examination from the colleges situated in university (u quota) and remaining 50% seats will be kept open for all the students (m quota)


Certain seats have been reserved for the purpose of admission in the college under the provisions of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities (Krishi Vidyapeeth) Act, 1983 and as amended by Government Resolution from time to time.
Sr No. Category Percentage
Scheduled Caste/ Nav-Buddha (SC.)
Scheduled Tribes (ST)
Denotified Tribes (DT)(a) (14 and others)
Nomadic Tribes (NT)(b)(28 listed prior to 1990 and others)
Nomadic Tribes (NT)(c)
Nomadic Tribes (NT) (d) (Vanjar, Vanjari, Vanjara)
Other Backward Classes (OBC)

NOTE: 30% of seats in each category will be reserved for lady candidates, which includes lady candidates admitted according to merit list.

Above reservations shall be observed as per GR No.AGU-1193/49474/CR-2/19-A dated 30.6.1994 and GR No.CBC/1094/PK /Mavak/9 dated 16.6.1994 and the guidelines issued by the Government of Maharashtra from time to time.

If the candidates from any reserved category are not available during the course of admission process, such category may be filled in as per provision made in G.R.No.TEM-3397/12926/(9086)TE-1 dated 11.7.1997, the reservation of Special Backward Class (S.B.C.) will be 2% considered on the vacant position of Constitutional reserved categories. However, such admissions for SBC shall not be exceed 2 per cent and subsequent vacancies shall be filled in as per rules. The conversion of seats if any, will be made as per Govt. Resolution No.AGU-2388-CR-70/20-A dated 5.2.1990.


The following weightages will be given to the candidates for admission to various courses offered by the University.

A. Undergraduate Admission:

  1. Qualifying examination percentage of aggregate marks/CGPA should be taken as points.
  2. Those who have passed XII Std. examination under 10+2 pattern with the following vocational subjects will get weightages of 10 points.
a B.Sc.(Agri.) Code
Animal Science and Dairy
Crop Science
Crop Production - II
Animal Science - II
Diploma in Agril. Science of Rural Institute Amravati & Wardha
b B.Sc.(Hort) and B.Sc.(Forestry) Code
Crop Science
Crop Production-II
Diploma in Agriculture Sciences of Rural Institute Amravati & Vardha
c) B.Tech (Agril. Engg.) Code
Electrical Maintenance
Mechanical Maintenance
General Civil Engineer
Farm Mechanic
Workshop Technology and Engg. Drawing
Elements of Mechanical Engineering
Elements of Electrical Engineering
Elements of Civil Engineering

Weightages continued ....

  1. Those who hail from Agriculturist's family having land in his/her name or in the name of parents/ grand parents(Paternal) as evidenced by 7/12 certificates or Landless Agricultural Labourers or AG certificate from Tahsildar. 12 points

  2. Those who holds NCC 'A' 'B' or'C' Certificate Air wing/Army /Naval /NSS for atleast 240 hrs/ N.S.S. Special Camps. 2 points

  3. Those who represent school/college at high school / Inter Collegiate competition in games, sports etc. 2 points

  4. Those whose parents are/were the employees of Agril. Affiliated colleges/ recognised institutes of SAUs and on deputation to Agricultural Universities or MCAER. 3 points

  5. B.Sc.holder seeking admission to B.Sc(Agri), B.Sc.(Hort), B.Tech (Agril.Engg) B.Tech(Dairy Tech) B.V.Sc.& A.H. B.Sc.(Home Science) and B.Sc.(For). 6 points
Maximum limit of weightage should not exceed 20 points.
Masters Degree Admissions
Weightages 0 to 10.00 scale 0 to 4.00 scale
1. Those who hold NCC "B" or "C" Certificate
2. Those who represent in Games/Sports/Debates at Inter-University Level
3. NSS for atleast 240 hours
4. NSS Special Camp
5. Publication of Research Papers in reputed journals
0.02 *
0.01 *

* for each publication subject to maximum 0.125 in 10.00 points and 0.05 in 4.00 points scale

Conversion formula for 4.00 to 10.00 point scale :
y = 1.5 + 2 x for x = 2 to 3.5 and
y = 8.5 + 3 (x-3.5) for x = 3.5 to 4.00
y = points in 10.00 points scale
x = points in 4.00 points scale.

C) Ph.D. Admission :

  1. Publication of research paper : 0.02 for each publication in 4 points scale, and 0.05 for each publication in 10 point scale.

Maximum limit of weightage shall not to exceed 0.25 in 10 point and 0.10 in 4 point scale.
Conversion formula for 4.00
To 10.00 points scale : y=52.9913 x-16.9106 x 2+1.8212 x 3-48.4496
y = GPA in 10.00 Point scale
x = CGPA in 4.00 Point scale.


The university have adopted course credit system under the semester pattern. in this system each academic year is divided into two terms not shorter than 20 weeks called semester. Subjects to be taught are divided into self contained units called courses. These are taught in a semester through lectures, practicals, library reading, field work, assignments, etc. The choice of courses, number of credits to be taken by a student are decided in consultation with assigned counsellor keeping in view of the existing rules and the performance of the students. If the performance of a student in a particular course is not upto the mark, he may repeat the course whenever it is offered as per the course layout.
The candidate admitted to B.Sc.(Agri.),B.Sc.(Hort.) have to complete one semester as Rural Agricultural Work Experience and Rural Horticultural Work Experience respectively, in villages at farmers fields. B.V.Sc. & A.H. students will have to complete an internship programme at various centres. The students of B.Tech.(Agril.Engg.) will have to complete Summer Placement Programme and students of B.Tech.(Food Sci.) & B.Tech.(Dairy Tech.) will have to complete inplant training as per the rules prescribed in this behalf.


After verification of application form and original certificates by the Associate Dean/Principal candidate will be allowed to register. Registration shall consist of the following steps.

  1. Payment of fees in the office of the Associate Dean/Principal of the concerned colleges.
  2. Enrolment of students in various courses in consultation with Counsellors/Heads of the Departments.
  3. Deposition of roster form duly filled in and signed by the students, teachers, Counsellors and Heads of the Departments on the same day or within prescribed time with the Associate Deans/Principals of the colleges, failing which the registration shall be invalid.


Medical Examination is compulsory for all students admitted during the first year and the same should be got done from the Civil Surgeon/Medical Officer as directed by the University/Associate Dean before the end of first semester. If a student is medically defective, the Associate Dean will inform the concerned student and his parent/guardian for rectification of the defects. If a student is found medically unfit, he is liable to be discontinued from the University. Such cases would be reported to the Registrar for taking necessary action.
If a student fails to appear for the medical examination arranged by the University/Associate Dean, he will have to get himself medically examined from the above medical authority at his own expenses and produce examination report within the period specified by the College authorities. In case he fails to produce the medical examination report within the specified time, his result shall not be declared.


There will be student counselling at all the under graduate colleges for helping the students in their academic as well as co-curricular activities, so as to build up personality. The counsellor will constantly be in touch with the progress of his/her student.


Every student shall attend all lectures, practicals, library work, extension education visit, study tours and the meetings with counselor, and concerned teacher. If a student fails to attend 80% of the total number of lectures, laboratory practicals or field tutorial classes in a course held and deemed to have held during a semester irrespective of his date of registration, he shall not be eligible to appear for semester end examination and shall be awarded 'F' grade. Such students shall repeat the course when offered.


Study tours for under graduate course of all the colleges are as under, subject to availability of funds.
1. First year : Maharashtra State
2. Second Year : South India
3. Third Year : North India.


Facilities for sports and allied activities are available at all the colleges.


Hostel accommodation for a limited number of students is available at the hostels of the colleges of the Universities. Every student admitted to constituent colleges is not necessarily given or promised admission to the hostel attached to that college.


The medals, awards, and cash prizes are awarded to the meritorious students who top at various Bachelor and Master degree examinations as per the University regulations as approved by the Executive Council.


Government of India scholarship to reserved category students, merit scholarship to the children of primary teachers, free studentship to the students of economically backward classes and Freedom Fighter's scholarship, Government of India National Loan Scholarship, Government of India merit cum means scholarship (ICAR) / Government of India post matric scholarship to SC and ST candidate (ICAR) and merit cum means scholarship (Government of Maharashtra) etc. are available at various constituent colleges and will be awarded as per rules in vogue.


  1. The cases of unfair means and the cases of misbehavior will be dealt with as per the rules and regulations of the university in vogue and as ammended from time to time.
  2. Student while studying in the colleges allegedly found involved in activities like ragging, bulleying or kidnapping and any other act of indiscipline shall immediately be suspended from the college as well as the hostel without any notice by the Principal / Associate Dean of the College and liable to be expelled from the college by the Vice Chancellor on the detailed report of the Director of Instructions of the University as per provision in the University Statutes 1990.

Admission to Foreign Nationals

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